Up to 21ppm mono , 5ppm color Duty Cycle: Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Up to dpi Cartridge: The wireless networking antenna would also be visible here if that option was installed. When enabled in the driver interface—as easy as a single click—the printer can print two sides to a page.

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TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Our Verdict For the small business or home office that needs to print colour photos, this Samsung is highly recommended. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. We find the power jack, samsung clp-550n Centronics connector for a parallel cable, a USB samsung clp-550n.

Samsung CLPN PCSTATS Review – The CLPN From All Sides

The Samsung CLPN is a boxy looking printer, as are most colour laser printers given the number of toner cartridges they must contain. The top of the Samsung CLPN is where the prints come out, and held in the output tray until collected. This tray samsung clp-550n hold up to sheets. samusng

The whopping onboard memory of MB is more than enough to handle clp-50n complicated documents such as large raster images, complex vector images from software such as Adobe Illustrator.

When the CLPN is not in use it will fall into a power saving sleep state, which draws less electricity naturally. The feature which sets the N model apart from similar models is samsung clp-550n inclusion of this Samsung clp-550n jack, allowing for the printer to be used via a network samsung clp-550n without a directly attached computer.

But you know what samsung clp-550n This is a serious machine, created for heavy-duty use on a business network. Up to dpi Cartridge: Its looks are sleek, and attractive; stylized, but not overly so.

The CLPN is geared towards the office set, and certainly has a feature set to back that up. The design of the unit clp-550nn been geared towards a dedicated print station, as the CLPN is realistically too large to keep on samsung clp-550n of a desk, and too thermally active to be advisably kept under a desk.

You even get a starter pack of toner cartridges in the box. Another very interesting samsung clp-550n is built-in PostScript functionality.

Samsung CLPN Laser Printer –

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. Another big selling point is connectivity. Prints from the CLPN are nothing short samsung clp-550n beautiful.

As an optional accessory, an additional tray can be added to the bottom samsung clp-550n the printer, adding an additional ammo load of a full ream sheets of paper.

Just remember to switch from the default printing mode of dpi to the highest quality settings for the best results. The imaging unit, which is essentially a metal drum on a plastic roller, is highly fragile and sensitive to dirt and light. But samsung clp-550n the office user or insane home user with a need for a behemoth color laser printer, this is a juggernaut. Additionally, access to the printer paper tray samsung clp-550n the CLP be resting on a nice flat surface, as the tray is essentially flush with the base.

The Samsung is a tad noisier than we expected, but this won’t be a problem unless you work in a Trappist monastery. This is a proper network device, that works over Ethernet, and you can buy a Wi-Fi adaptor If printing one document samsung clp-550n a time, it takes a few seconds for the printer samsung clp-550n warm up before it spits out the samsung clp-550n, but this is fairly negligible. Against Bulky and heavy Wi-Fi adaptor costs extra Not primarily designed for photos. This is a particularly helpful resource in a business environment with a large number of computers, and also allows the printer to be easily accessed as an Internet printer provided that the printer can be given its own external IP.

With high expectations, it would be easy to be disappointed.

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It is constructed entirely of plastic, though pretty sold samsung clp-550n things considered. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. When enabled in the driver interface—as easy as a single click—the printer can print two sides to a page.